For your convenience, your prescriptions can be filled in our office at our on-site dispensary.

Lactation Medicine

Special care for the breastfeeding dyad. Help provided for the mother during times of engorgement, feeding difficulties, mastitis, latch-on problems, flat or inverted nipples, etc. A breastfeeding room is available in the office.

We make available to our patients a product line of breastfeeding assistance products, literature and so much more! Contact Rhodes Pediatric for pricing and availability!

Growth & Development

Rhodes Pediatric Clinic takes great pride in assessing your child's growth and development process. We implement the Denver II Developmental Exam on infants and children that we identify at risk or at your request. Ask about scheduling a developmental screening exam at your next visit.

ADHD Treatment

Rhodes Pediatric Clinic assist in the treatment of ADD/ADHD. Diagnosis is generally made by a licensed mental health professional. Based on recommendations and treatment plan provided by the mental health specialist, we work collaboratively to manage medications. We see your child every three months for evaluation, medication management and prescription refills. Every other visit, laboratory testing is required. As a friendly reminder, summer months are optimal to establish routine and treatment plan prior to school starting.

Saturday Sick Clinic

Rhodes Pediatric Clinic is open on Saturdays 9 am-11 am for sick visits only. No appointments are made on Saturdays and we see patients on first come. first serve basis. There is additional $25 fee on Saturdays. We encourage you to arrive as soon as you can on Saturday mornings to ensure your little one is seen and taken care of as quickly as possible.

Speech and Language Services

Rhodes Pediatric now offers Speech and Language Evaluations and treatment. April Henry, CCC-SLP has worked in pediatrics for several years and comes with invaluable experience to serve your children. To request an evaluation call 318-443-9634 today.

Summer Visits

Beat the back to school rush! Reduced wait times and more flexible schedule options are a bonus! Summer is a great time to get your well visit, including necessary immunizations required for school enrollment. Summer provides the best reminder that sports physicals are required for participation in school sports. This is a yearly requirement. Call to schedule your appointment today!